Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gwen Stefani: Impatient Flyer

Gwen Stefani: Impatient Flyer

Readying up for a departing flight, Gwen Stefani was spotted strolling barefoot through the security checkpoint at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (February 6).

Looking impatient as her son Zuma cried in line, the pop icon took it upon herself to reach in and pull out her items before they exited the X-Ray machine’s belt as security workers looked displeased by her actions, but let her proceed so that she could comfort her baby boy.

As for her work on No Doubt’s new album, Gwen’s guitarist bandmember Tom Dumont recently tweeted of their recent studio sessions, “Tony and Gwen are rocking the synth. Our little studio is warm and candlelit, above the glowing city.”

Recording together on January 20th for the first time since prior to Zuma’s birth, Dumont previously wrote, “Back in the studio together writing today. Synth horns=cheesy but fun!”

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