Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Want to Wear..

I Want to Wear..
My sister and I have a new fashion & beauty site.. and here is how the story goes...
As I (Denise) was packing my Diane Von Fursteinberg pink suit case for a spontaneous get away to Miami, I called my sister Dawn, who is a fashion stylist, and pleaded with her to go through my closet and put outfits together for each day of vacation. Of course, that is tedious work on such short notice, so instead I resorted to the internet in hopes to find a site that would have outfits already made up. No luck. I continued to rack my brain with what to wear. Finally after a few hours my packing was complete. The next day, as Dawn and I buckled up for the flight, I said to Dawn,“I just wish there was an easy website that listed places to go and outfits that were suitable, it would make a girl’s life so much easier!” and at that moment both of our eyes lit up and "I Want to Wear..." was born.


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