Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Braveheart is a film about a great Scottish man called William Wallace when he was just a little boy his dad and big brother went away to fight in a war and when they returned his dad and brother were dead so they had a funeral for them and at the funeral this little girl gave him a thistle flower and a kiss on the cheek then his uncle turned up and he had to go and stay with him.

Years later he came back and everyone was having this wedding celebration and he met up with his old friend Hamish and he saw a women and realized that it was the same little girl who gave him that flower years before and he still had that flower to that day they started spending a lot of time together and they fell in love.

One day they decided to get married in secret because the English used to come and take the married women away so they didn't want anyone else to know but one day one of the English soldiers knew something was wrong and he tried to rape her she bites his cheek then he punches her but William Wallace saves her and tells her to go and meet him at there secret place and put her on a horse then he escapes and when he gets to there secret place she's not there and he is wondering why.

He doesn't know that they had knocked her of the horse and captured her and because of what Wallace had done they had slit her throat and killed her and since that day William swore revenge on the English and went round killing them all and he was going after the king aswell but at the end he got captured and tortured he got told that they would let him go if he would just say cry out mercy but he refused and shouted out freedom so they cut his head of and since that day all his friends and his best friend Hamish kept on fighting in the honour of William Wallace and to get there revenge. This is the best film in the world I would recommend watching this film to those who haven't seen it.
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