Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How do we feel about . . .

How do we feel about . . .

. . . Ryan Gosling's odd double-breasted denim jacket?

To be honest, I'm not loving it.

BUT . . .

. . . I can kind of overlook it when he's being all cute tubing down a hill in it.

AND . . .

. . . I can definitely overlook it when he's preparing to slide down the hill with a cute young child in his lap.

It just reminds me of the many similar photos I'll be taking when Ryan and I get married and have four to six children of our own.

Y'know. Just two Canadian guys. In love. Tubing down a Canadian hill. With our four to six beautiful Canadian children. Then going home to sip hot chocolate and marshmallows. Possibly beside a fire.

That's the Canadian dream, right? Or maybe just my Canadian dream?

[For context, these photos are actually from the Sundance Film Festival where Gosling is promoting Blue Valentine. The little girl is costar Faith Wladyka].

More Gosling (tubing down a hill) at Sundance photos here!

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