Saturday, January 30, 2010


Crossroads is a film about three best friends Lucy, Mimi and Kit who grew up together they buried a time capsule and made a packed to dig it up and open it on midnight of there graduation but when they went to high school they were no longer friends.

Lucy was the quiet nerdy type Kit was the popular one and Mimi well she was ended up pregnant but on graduation they kept there packed and went back to dig up there box they couldn't believe what they had buried and what they had wished for Kit put in a bridal barbie doll Lucy put in a chain with a photo of her mother in it and Mimi put in a globe key chain and Mimi said that she was going away to enter a song contest and that she got a lift of some guy called Ben.

She asked if they wanted to go with her but they both said no but the following morning Kit turned up at the car and said that she wasn't going to the contest she wanted dropped of at her fiancée's his name is Dylan then Lucy turned up and said that she wasn't going to the contest either she wanted dropped of at her mum's so they all agreed to go there separate ways when they got there but when they were doing all that travelling in a car something must have happened because they were all getting closer and it felt like old times.

One night they were sitting talking and Kit asked Mimi who the father of her baby was so she told them that she got pregnant by being raped and that she wasn't keeping it she was getting it adopted and they made a promise to be friends forever then the next day Lucy ended up at her mum's but it didn't go to well her mum didn't want to know her so she caught up with Kit, Mimi and Ben back at the hotel lucy had started getting really close to Ben by this time then they all went to the contest after Kit went to see her fiancée.

It was then that she realized not to trust him and found out that he was cheating on her and that he was the one that raped Mimi so they broke up Mimi lost her baby by falling down the stairs Lucy phoned her dad and he came to pick them up but she couldn't leave she wanted to stay with Ben and go to the contest so she did just that then they buried another time capsule on the beach but this time they never made a packed to dig it up.

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