Thursday, March 18, 2010

Secrets from Sex and the City Sequel!

Secrets from Sex and the City Sequel!
-Photo by ANDERSON/VILA/Bauer-Griffin-

What's better than a bunch of sex secrets?

London's Mirror reportedly got their hands on a page of the script from Sex and the City 2 -- and it looks like Kim Cattrall's cancer-surviving�Samantha is fighting a new battle this time around.

And this battle is called menopause!

"I'm going to need you to go on a testosterone run," Samantha, with a bottle of hormone pills on her desk, tells assistant�Meghan, according to the paper.

"I'll do it first thing tomorrow," Meghan reportedly replies.

"Said the 24-year-old. I'll call the pharmacy and tell them you are on your way," Samantha steps in.

Looking at Kim (wow!), you would never think she is old enough to be going through her changes -- but, apparently,�nature doesn't know that she's still a hottie.

Wanna know another inside tidbit?

Well, Samantha may have broken up with young and devoted Smith Jerrod in the first film, but she's definitely still�talking to him -- at least on the�phone -- in the follow-up.

Menopause, love, shoes, young boys, Mr. Big --�what�more could you ask for in a sequel?

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