Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dogma is a film about two renegade angels Bartleby and Loki who were kicked out of heaven by God and they are trying to get back in by going through an archway of a church in Jersey that has been open for hundreds of years so that they can be forgiven and get the slate wiped clean but if they do that they will prove god wrong and undo everything that God has done meaning undoing the universe.

God has went missing so she can't stop them so the voice of God and God's assistant gets a women called Bethany to stop them with the help of two prophets Jay and Silent Bob, the 13th Apostle called Rufus and a muse turned stripper called Serendipity but the angels also have help by someone called Azreal he is a muse turned demon he is only helping them to get revenge on god for banning him from heaven he said that "he would rather not exist than go back to hell".

Bethany, the prophets and the 13th apostle go to the church to speak to the priest and asks him to cancel the Jubilee but he refuses so silent Bob steals his golf club then they go for a drink at a pub so that they can talk about what to do next but Azreal is there to stop them but he doesn't get very far because he tells silent Bob to hit him with the golf club thinking that it won't do nothing to him but what he didn't know was that the priest blessed it and it kills him then Bethany thinks she knows where God is and goes to the hospital and frees God from John Doe Jersey and she is released and she stops the angels in the end but not before they kill lots of people first. This film is really funny I would recommend watching it.

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