Friday, December 25, 2009

This Makes Me Want to Throw Up

This Makes Me Want to Throw Up

Everything about this interview makes me want to hurl. And not in a good way, like when you make yourself throw up so you can fit into your skinny jeans. No. I mean throw up in a bad way, like encountering the smell of a skunk devouring the rotting corpse of a suicidal racoon who offed himself by drinking too much antifreeze.

Fallen "beauty" contestant Carrie Prejean went on The View and tried to justify her naughty self-pleasuring nudie-tape and her "oops, it was windy that day" boob pics. She tried to blame the fact that The Donald canned her silicone-enhanced sorry self over her "I hate fags" (paraphrasing) speech at the pageant and not her sex-mania.

Seriously, Carrie? Seriously?

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