Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last minute gift idea: Said The Whale's Islands Disappear

Last minute gift idea: Said The Whale's Islands Disappear

It's two days until Christmas. If you're still stuck on what to get that last person on your list, might I recommend a little Said The Whale.

The Vancouver-based indie band released an EP entitled West Coast Christmas on their website earlier this week, available for FREE.

Once you've gone and downloaded that, perhaps I can tempt you to purchase Islands Disappear, the band's full length album released in October.

The 13-song release features light, folk-infused indie rock, with lyrics inspired from experiences on the road in Canada.

A song entitled Gentleman particularly speaks to me with the lyric "I am an uncool Canadian kid / Uninspired by all the popular guys." I can only assume it was written about my high school experience.

Seriously though, in this grey winter that's now officially begun, it's nice to have a few songs to help fill the void the sun left behind.

Take a listen on the band's MySpace, then go make the purch.

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