Sunday, December 27, 2009

PARVATHY OMANAKUTTAN Shoot Miss India Calendar Girl

PARVATHY OMANAKUTTAN Shoot Miss India Calendar Girl


If you turn to the month of February (it’s time to), of the Shoot Calendar, you will be greeted by Parvathy. “This was my first shoot as a calendar girl, and the experience was worth it – awesome,” is how she describes the whole affair. “My costumes were all white. Actually, nothing compares to shooting for a calendar,” she adds. It was also great fun, as she puts it, “It was total masti and I had a whale of a time. I too am a dreamer – like the theme of my calendar shoot. And becoming a calendar girl has made one of my most cherished dreams come true.” And, Parvathy says, “It has also added to my style quotient. I think the whole country now knows that I am sexy and cool. It is a proud moment for me to be a recognised face wherever I go.”

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