Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Young indonesian artist cinta laura

Young indonesian artist cinta laura
cinta laura ciuman dengan bule

Young indonesian celebrity cinta laura like another young teens indonesian artist that do what they should not do that. look at widi vierra photos with her boyfriend. they act like marriage people whereas they still young. cinta laura was born in germany 15 years ago. she was born in 1993 so still very young. cinta laura career start at became Top Model 2006. and in 2007 SCTV television make cinta laura name known well in indonesian. she get award as best actress and cinta laura fight shireen sungkar in that award.
cinta laura familiar with her very unique speech. as a young indonesian girls she have been a succes actress.in indonesian entertaiment she has try to be a model, and a singer, play in serial tv, and more.

cinta laura mesum, foto cinta laura

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