Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ghostwriter (word!) coming to DVD!

Ghostwriter (word!) coming to DVD!

Oh my god you guys, huge news!

As was first to report today, the first season of Ghostwriter is coming to DVD June 8.

Yes, soon we will be able to repeatedly watch Jamal, Lenni, Alex, Gabby and Tina solve mysteries with the help of a ghost who can only communicate through the written word.

I will pay extra if they include a "Where are they now?" featurette.

I seriously have so many fond memories of this show, which aired from 1992 through 1995.

My favourite mystery involved the Ghostwriter team investigating who was sabotaging the music video shoot for Lenni's sure-to-be-smash hit You Gotta Believe. I'll have to wait a couple seasons for that one to hit DVD.

I also recall one summer when my cousins and I had the whole opening theme memorized, including all the Ghostwriter team's lines, and the traffic noises in the background.

Yeah, you wish you were friends with me as a child.

Now I'm just waiting for someone to release Ready Or Not and Today's Special on DVD. How awesome would that be?!

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