Monday, March 8, 2010

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus
Hocus pocus is a film about three sister witches in Salem called Winifred, Sarah and Mary Sanderson who steal the lives of little children so that they can stay young forever one day they kidnapped a little girl called Emily Binx and her brother Thackeray Binx tried to save her but they did there magic on him and they turned him into a black cat then the witches were burnt at the stake.

300 years later on Halloween a virgin called Max Dennison went to there old house with his little sister Dani and a friend from school called Alison and he lit a black flamed candle then the house started to shake and the sisters appeared Max, Alison and Dani managed to escape with the help of Thackeray Binx the black cat and they also stole the witches magic book so that they can't cast anymore spells.

It turns into a cat and mouse chase so they can get there book back because they only came back for one night unless they steal the lives of lots of children they will be gone forever when it gets to sunrise they track them down at the graveyard but witches can't enter the graveyard they are not allowed so they summon one of Winifred's old boyfriends who she killed because she found him in bed with her sister Sarah.

She poisoned him and sewed his mouth shut never to tell a living sole his name was Billy Butcherson but instead of capturing them he help them and it turns into a big fight at the end and the witches realise that the sun is coming up and they get turned to stone then they explode and they are gone forever then Thackeray Binx dies and turns into a ghost and he is reunited with his little sister because he had done what he had been waiting 300 years to do and that was wait for a virgin to light the black flamed candle and the witched to be dead and gone forever.

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