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I’m So Damn Sick Of … Week 12

I’m So Damn Sick Of … Week 12
I try to keep my “negative” thoughts limited to my semi-weekly blog posts tittled I’m So Damn Sick Of.  This week has been a challenging week for me, and I’m attempting to put a positive spin on the negatives, hopefully.  I never sit down and plan these posts, they literally flow out of my brain and fingers. Costs that are [...]

I try to keep my “negative” thoughts limited to my semi-weekly blog posts tittled I’m So Damn Sick Of.  This week has been a challenging week for me, and I’m attempting to put a positive spin on the negatives, hopefully.  I never sit down and plan these posts, they literally flow out of my brain and fingers.

Costs that are skyrocketing for food and household supplies - Is it me, or have any of you noticed how much more certain items cost at your local stores?  For awhile, I was paying like $3.00 for a gallon of milk if I couldn’t get to Costco or we had a milk emergency.  Finally, price wars has put milk under $2 in my neighborhood.  That being said, other items that I buy have went up $1, $1.50, $2, even $3 or $4.  Within a month.  Now, I live in Michigan, where the economy sucks, so I don’t know if it is nationwide.  All I know is that I am so sick of having to cut back on food for my family.  I freaked out today when a child in my house took the last of the lunch snacks which are specifically for lunches only, and it just wasn’t because I don’t have time to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  It is because to replace the trail mix, it is going to cost me $13.99 instead of the $9.99 it used to be a year ago. 


However, I have a few positive things to share.  One, Costco is now going to accept food stamps, and two, Kmart has a program where you can get a 20% off discount card on all the items their Kmart brand makes.  It it is called their Smart Assist Savings Program.  You sign up, print out your card which is good for six months, and bring your unemployment letter to show the cashier. 

School budgets in Michigan being slashed – In my state, our Governor has decided to cut school funding K-12 by $127 per child.  Now, nobody likes that, but if people had been paying attention to the budge last July, they would have found that out much earlier when they could have seen plans for 2/3 of our state programs being cut completely.  Even our library department budget is being slashed and I wrote passionately about it in August. 


I’m personally affected because my child no longer has weekend busing, so with all her events being on Saturdays, the coaches are expecting us parents to drive our kids and their teammates to and from events that may be up to four hours roundtrip.  Her sport lasts many hours, and with my husband and I going down to one car; our entire family has to either go to each game, or those who stay home can’t have plans to go anywhere for an entire day without securing a ride. 

I’m actually more concerned about the liability of driving other kids on icy unsalted Michigan roads for four hours rather than being forced to hang out a competition for six hours.  That is why god made books.  So, getting to my positive point, if you want to help your kids, their schools, and in the long run, yourselves out, write, email and call your senators and you can begin to educate yourself here.  And, for more resources, visit the Michigan Legislature to see what bills are being passed, considered, or dying in session.  To find out who you need to voice your opinion to, go here to find your State Representative, and go here to find your State Senator.  Please take action if you want action taken for your children.


Electronic friendships replacing our personal relationships - Sure, we all read and love our blogs, Facebook, IM, texts, email, and whatever else that’s available out there, but I am sad for the old days.  Remember letters?  My goodness, when I was in college I was writing to over twenty people a week.  I love it when my mother-in-law brings out letters from when her husband was in the war, and she lets us read how beautiful his words were to her.  My husband has the same way with letters, and we somehow have both gotten away from letter writing, which totally sucks.  


I even miss phone calls that lasted forever.  Sure, on rare occasions I have those, but now most of my phone calls last under five minutes.  Or it is all just texts.  I miss when my friends called me, or even picked up their phones for me when I called them and we could talk and make plans to do things, rather than just having a relationships via Facebook.  I just deleted my personal Facebook account because it took too much of my free time checking two accounts with living life and job searching and having visual problems.  I did a test and nearly didn’t text a soul for an entire week, and guess what?  Not one phone call was returned.  I think I sent out six texts, and one or two were even answered.  I thought technology was supposed to save us time and energy, but then why is it that I feel more pressured and time crunched and have to rush to do too many things now.  Why, when I am unemployed, do I spend more time online that I did when I worked eight hours in a cubicle and was online all day?  To make matters worse, one of our computers doesn’t have the strength for the internet, so it is rendered useless to the family, and our main computer just blew its monitor, so we are down to one computer for four people, and my laptop is four years old and basically sucks.  The other night my word spellcheck wasn’t even working.  Always fun when you are sending resumes out. 


When my friend got mad at me for not commenting enough on her children’s new pictures on Facebook, it really got me thinking.  Is this what society has come to?  In the old days we would have saved time to meet, have lunch, and look at the pictures.  Now, we get mad at each other when someone who hit likes should have left multiple comments.  I know that she just was thrilled to have great pictures of her kids, and maybe didn’t realize that I am not able to be on Facebook all the time because I have to write letters to doctor’s offices for billing mistakes, or write emails trying to get clinical trials on top of my usual work load.  Computer use was limited all weekend long.  I have ADHD and it is killing me to keep up with everything.  All week I have been staying up until 6 am so that I can have time to search for jobs for five hours a day, plus blog, and read and respond to the 300 emails I receive daily on top of reviewing and responding to every single Facebook message, photo, comment, etc.  I am sorry if my photo comments were lacking on the beautiful pictures of your children, but perhaps you can realize that I am simply an old-fashioned girl who just needs a phone call from time to time.

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