Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Well I guess the title speaks for itself but this is a film about a girl called Buffy who thought there her life was completely normal and that all she had to worry about was hanging out with her friends and boyfriend and basketball games and cheer leading practice boy was she so wrong one day she was in the gymnasium at school doing her cheer leading practice.

At the end of practice everyone else had left but she stayed behind because she was meeting up with someone and while she was doing all these spins and turns on the mats this old guy appeared and told her that he has been looking for her for a very long time and that she was the chosen one.

She had no idea what he was talking about so he told her everything about how she was the chosen ones and that it was her birth right to fight evil and to protect the innocent she wandered what kind of evil he was talking about so he said the word vampires and at that point she thought that he might have been on drugs then he told her that she had to go with him to the graveyard right away she refused to go at first she thought it was a little creepy especially with some really old guy that she didn't know.

He managed to convince her to go when they got into the graveyard grounds he gave her a wooden stake she just looked at him he said it was just encase then they sat for awhile but after about ten minutes she heard lot's of creaking then all of a sudden two bodies came out of there coffins she was really scared but ended up staking one of them and the old man staked the other one the old man called himself as her watcher he was suppose to train her so he did.

He ended up getting killed and she decided that if she couldn't save him how could she save other people so she quit and went to her prom alone her boyfriend took someone else all of a sudden the doors swung open and there were a lot of vampires standing outside so she went out and fought them then went after the master the one who killed her watcher and defeated him. This film does not have the same characters as the television show but it's nearly just as good
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