Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rude Phone Photos

Rude Phone Photos
Now this is shocking. A study says that one in three teenagers have used mobiles to send sexually-explicit snaps of themselves.

My word, I hope that Jedward are the other two out of three.

And more than a quarter "sext" regularly.

I blame the phone makers. If you couldn't work them with just one hand... anyway...

They send a boyfriend or girlfriend lewd pictures despite more than half of those polled knowing of instances where the photos ended up being shared with others.

I don't mind the pictures of me nude being sent on to other women but I did get upset when an ex sent a nude video on to You've Been Framed.

Dr Andy Phippen said: "This is a significantly larger problem than we had first imagined."

Oooh, someone's been using PhotoShop.

The survey by the University of Plymouth, in Devon, and the South West Grid for Learning found 40% of teenagers saw nothing wrong with sending topless pics.

Well, 40%, just make sure whoever you send them to doesn't use that picture linked to your number, or when you call that's the picture that will pop up. And it would make you feel even worse if they put their phone on vibrate. Ugh!

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Source: www.news-plus.co.cc

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